Inoi Ritual for COCO-MAT
Furniture Design

INOI side tables create a harmonious relationship between the user, the object, the ritual, the function and the minimalistic contemporary design. The design encourages the user to follow a ritual before sleep, by placing his valuables in the case and disengaging himself from the material world before sleep. 
Therefore, the design creates a new awareness for the user, the user takes a pause before the end of the day, during which he enjoys some time to reflect, time which he probably did not have during the day, and, afterwards, he enters into a state of nudeness- a symbolic act of release mirroring that true serenity and liberation come with the disengagement from the material. 
In this way, the concept of the side table is redefined, from a common useful furniture to an object with symbolic value and identity, assisting the user in rethinking his everyday gestures and purposes. 
The user finds himself in dialogue with the object and the object itself remotes from its ordinary uses and converts into a "tool" which produces a meaning and activates new aesthetic experiences going beyond a functional solution. 

The powders used for the metal parts, are confirmed with EPD Environmental Product Declaration with no Volatile Organic Compounds, no toxic heavy metals and the lower ecological footprint comparing to other powders. 

[2018] [

Designed by Neda / Developed by ddasios